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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Michigan Flight Museum! Volunteers are an essential part of our Museum as they represent the Museum to our visitors and keep things running efficiently.

Volunteering at the Michigan Flight Museum gives you the opportunity to learn about various global conflicts, aviation, history, and STEM research, while also learning about the millions of people who kept the country afloat at home. You will also be able to meet and befriend people with similar interests. Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities.

Become a Volunteer

Become a tribute Rosie

Volunteer at Air Adventure Flight

Docent showing the Rivet Station

Docent with a school group tour

Tribute Rosie at the air show

where your needed

Volunteer Duties

*Docents and Tour Guides

Docents and Tour Guides are Volunteers trained to give guided tours throughout the Museum to visiting groups and the daily public.

A total of 12-15 hours of training will be provided over several days, plus required continuing education sessions.

The  Michigan Flight Museum Volunteer Benefits

The Museum provides free parking to all volunteers. Volunteers will be recognized based on their number of hours annually. Special badges and pins are awarded for continued service. The Museum sponsors a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to thank you for your hard work. If you choose to become a member of the Museum, you are entitled to free entry to the Museum for one year, special benefits at the museum such as a discount at the Museum shop as well as a discount on our aircraft rides and much more.

Skills and Abilities

Become a Volunteer

Michigan Flight Musuem’s


Commemorating the millions of women in World War Two who were collectively known as “Rosie the Riveter.” The Rosie the Riveter Drill Team works to preserve the legacy by bringing to life the role that women have played and continue to play in our nation’s aviation accomplishments; from the women who built airplanes in World War Two to the women driving innovation in aerospace today.

Become a tribute Rosie

Rosie at your event

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Stay in the loop

Be the first to know about new programs, exciting events, aviation facts and more!

The Michigan Flight Museum dedicates itself to educating individuals through the history of American aeronautics, aerospace industries, and their associated technologies while inspiring generations through personal experiences to instill pride in our national accomplishments.

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