“For decades, every time I would hear or see a Huey, I yearned to get back on board and relive the excitement of flight, on the edge of my seat, with the door wide open.” 

As an organization, these are the stories we live for. This is why we do what we do. Traveling the country with our Historic Flying Aircraft Collection to connect people to our aircraft – veterans to their aircraft – is a main part of the Yankee Air Museum’s mission. The Huey Greyhound flew to countless cities this flight season, impacting the lives of thousands of people. The email above, received by our Curatorial Director, is just a glimpse at the powerful impact our Historic Flying Aircraft make.

Mr. Van Caryl of Seattle, had recently learned of Yankee Air Museum’s UH-1H Huey Greyhound through forums on social media discussing the traveling Air Adventures program. Van “was hooked,” and immediately began planning a trip to catch a ride when the Huey made its appearance in Heath, Ohio, this August. The trip from Seattle to Heath, turned into a month-long, 9,000 mile drive visiting friends, family and other attractions across the country along the way. To say this checked a box on Van’s proverbial “Bucket List,” is an understatement.

Being able to connect a veteran with the type of aircraft in which they served is an incredible part of our organization’s capability to make an impact on one’s life. Honoring veterans, sharing and keeping their history alive for the younger generations, and promoting a love of aviation, are among the top priorities of the Yankee Air Museum’s Historic Flying Aircraft Collection.

By keeping these precious aircraft flying, we are able to continue to share and honor these magnificent machines and the people who flew and maintained them.

Flying and maintaining historic aircraft has always been a part of the Yankee Air Museum’s mission throughout its forty-one year-long history. The organization was first formed with a goal to one day offer flights to the public in aircraft owned by the Museum. Today, the Historic Flying Aircraft Collection has grown to five aircraft, ranging from the iconic 1920s Ford Tri-Motor, to the classic World War II beauties, and finally the Vietnam-veteran Huey Helicopter. Our aircraft offer a visceral experience that is indescribable, transporting one back in time through the power of flight.

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Photos Courtesy of the Wade Herzig Collection

The Yankee Air Museum’s Huey Greyhound served in combat from October 1967, through December 1971, and served much of its time with the 240th Assault Helicopter Company (AHC), known as the “Greyhounds, Mad Dogs, and Kennel Keepers.” The 240th AHC had different names for the different departments within the Company:

Greyhounds = Transport Platoon

Mad Dogs = Gun Platoon

Kennel Keepers = Maintenance Platoon

Just like any modern aircraft, mechanical parts “age-out” and need to be replaced. New engines, propellers/rotor blades, and tires are just some of the routine maintenance issues that our teams must be ready for, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Due to the age of our historic aircraft, replacement parts are rare and hard to come by. Annually, aircraft parts costs can run $250,000 alone. The Yankee Air Museum is constantly investing in our Historic Flying Aircraft Collection to ensure the long-term viability of these aircraft and the highest quality of safety for their operations.

By donating to the Yankee Air Museum’s Historic Flying Aircraft Collection, you will help the Museum make an even larger impact during next year’s flight season, thus influencing more lives, and sharing the history and fascinating technology of these aircraft. Your investment combined with the Museum’s investment will help keep these national icons in the air and have a lasting effect on our communities.

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The Yankee Air Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to the Yankee Air Museum are tax-deductible to the extent provided by the law.

The Yankee Air Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to the Yankee Air Museum are tax-deductible to the extent provided by the law.


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The NEW Roush Aeronautics Center

The Museum recently concluded the fundraising to build its new Roush Aeronautics Center that will allow us to house our Historic Flying Aircraft Collection under a roof that the Museum owns. This will allow us to place the most treasured part of their collection just blocks from the current Museum location. With the new Roush Aeronautics Center, the Museum will be able to create a higher quality customer experience, open the possibilities to private events, and allow the Air Adventures program to grow. This Center also opens opportunities for the Museum to create new educational programing around its mission.

If you have any questions, please contact Irene Korich, Development Assistant at irene.korich@yankeeairmuseum.org

Click above to watch a fly-through with the aircraft parked for the season.

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