The Warning Star Rescue Project

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Warning Star

Warning Star

The Crisis.

WE were its last hope. But when the U.S. Navy asked us to help save this iconic EC-121 “Warning Star”- we answered the call. We made a commitment: to RECOVER this beautiful craft from the scrap heap.

Unfortunately, that’s only half the job. Now, “we” means you. You need to commit a bit of your energy, your resources to help us RESTORE this aircraft and PRESERVE its impact for future generations.

The Opportunity.

That’s the power of the Yankee Air Museum. That’s the influence you can have. By contributing, you empower us to display this Lockheed Constellation / EC-121 in all its glory- as we advance our educational mission and commitment.

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The Plan.

This EC-121 Constellation epitomizes the mission of the Yankee Air Museum. This is what we saved the Bomber Plant for: To recover, restore and display original and important aircraft, avionics, technology and engineering and share them with the world.

1 Recover

Through the generosity of donors like you, we have obtained the EC-121 and are in the process of dismantling and transporting from central Illinois to our home here at Willow Run. Now – for the next two steps – we need your help.

2 Restore

Help us restore this iconic craft with a contribution toward the expert work that lies ahead. The Warning Star – your Warning Star – is completely unique with its preserved spyware and instruments, a historic forerunner to the Sentry AWACS to come.

3 Preserve

Now, this EC-121 Warning Star will get the setting it deserves – as one of the centerpiece aircraft at the new Yankee Air Museum. Set inside the historic Willow Run Bomber Plant, the new space will be a stunning exhibit showplace for the aircraft collection.

“Warning Star!” These early warning and control radar surveillance aircraft helped keep America safe in the Cold War, from ’50s to the ’70s – flying innumerable patrols to detect hostile activity and missile threats.

Warning Star

How You Can Help.

Catch the high-flying spirit of the Yankee Air Museum. Help us build our collection and grow our museum. Join our team with a donation of any amount.

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The EC-121 BurNo 141311 will be on long-term loan to Yankee Air Museum from the National Naval Aviation Museum.