Bring them home!


We are facing one of the most compelling problems in our history. Hangar 1 at Willow Run Airport is closing. This is where we leased space to maintain our B-17 Yankee Lady, B-25 Yankee Warrior, C-47 Hairless Joe, and the Waco biplane. The flyable aircraft need a new home and time is of the essence to build one.

We have studied the options, consulted other hangar operators on the airfield and have reached the only conclusion: Yankee Air Museum needs to build our own permanent home. The hangar must be a modern environment close to our volunteer base. There are no other feasible choices and therefore it is time to move forward with the urgent task of planning, financing and constructing a hangar in which we will control our destiny.

We need to raise $3 million more to combine with existing resources to get the job done.

Will you please help us? These hangars must be built. By donating to this project you will also be contributing to the strength of Yankee Air Museum by assuring our flyable aircraft remain airworthy and revenue-generating. This is a chance to be part of something colossal. Will you please donate?

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Elisa Guyton, Associate Development Director at 734-483-4030 ext. 227.


Yes. The two hangars are being built along the East wall of the existing structure.

Not only is this the most cost effective plan, it also allows for more fluid movement of our aircraft and for the buildout of the rest of the new museum.

We considered all alternatives, and we have chosen the best option for the museum.

As of September 30, 2020 the current hangar can no longer be used for aeronautical purposes.

No. This is the start of the buildout of the new museum.

Your donation is tax deductible as provided by law and 100% of it will go to this project.


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