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Book an Air Adventure on one of our five historic aircraft and take a ride into history. Yankee Air Museum’s historic plane rides feature the B-17 Yankee Lady and B-25 Yankee Warrior bombers, the C-47 Hairless Joe Skytrain, the UH-1 Huey, and the magnificent Ford Tri-Motor. Our aircraft fly from May to October so act now to check off that bucket list item. A great gift for you or a family member.

*Don’t forget–a majority of the cost is also a tax-deductible donation.

B-17 Yankee Lady
B-25 Yankee Warrior
C-47 Hairless Joe




Click on a selection below to learn what to expect when taking your first Air Adventure in one of our historical aircrafts.

  • Air Adventure locations, dates & times are subject to change due to reasons beyond our control. Flights may be cancelled due to, but not limited to: maintenance, weather and/or other circumstances. All sales are final for Air Adventure flights. All cancelled flights, for any reason, will be re-scheduled at a later date and/or time.
  • Please bring your ticket with you when you arrive for your Air Adventure along with a valid ID.
  • Museum Members must show their valid membership card or welcome email if purchasing on site.
  • We ask that you arrive 1 hour BEFORE your scheduled time and please dress appropriately for the weather. It is about 10-15 degrees cooler in the air than on the ground, however, if the aircraft has been sitting in the sun, the temperature inside can become warm.
  • It is also advised that you wear close-toed shoes.
  • We do not reserve specific seats for any of our aircraft. Everyone will have the opportunity to explore all positions once in the air.
  • Eat a light meal prior to the flight as it will make you feel better if we were to encounter turbulence.
  • Ear protection is provided, however, you are more than welcome to bring your own.
  • The flight offers ample time to move about the aircraft so each passenger can experience different stations during flight. The exception, of course, is that you cannot sit in the pilot or co-pilot seats, we try to keep them in their own seats.
  • All sources of digital media are welcome aboard to capture your incredible experience.
  • All passengers are required to sign a Release of Liability upon arrival.
  • It can be warm the day of your flight which can increase the temperature inside of the aircraft, we suggest bringing your own filled reusable water bottle to help keep you cool and hydrated.  Not all locations that we travel to will have filling stations.
  • Children still using booster seats in a vehicle are too young to fly. (Age 8 OR 4’9”) This is because the seat-belts on the aircraft will not fit them properly.
  • In the event the aircraft cannot fly (i.e. weather, mechanical issues, etc.), we will notify you as soon as possible and reschedule your Air Adventure.

Upon Arrival:

Please arrive 1 hour prior to your scheduled flight time to get checked in and briefed for your flight. At that time, you will be asked to present your ticket and a valid ID, and to sign a release form.


A crew member will discuss aircraft safety with you and the other passengers prior to engine start. All seating and flight procedures will be discussed at that time. All passengers must be seated and secured for engine start, taxi, takeoff and landing.

In Flight:

Once the aircraft is airborne, you will be allowed to walk about the aircraft as you like. Take this time to visit the various compartments of the aircraft like the nose, cockpit, waist, and tail sections. This is a great opportunity for you to take photos, video, or even stream your experience. Each passenger is allowed five minutes in the nose section of the B-17 and B-25 during flight.

Keep in mind that these aircraft are loud and it can be difficult to hear each other during flight. Please pay attention to your surroundings and the crew members for any in-flight instructions.


A signal will be given to secure yourself for landing. At that time all passengers must be seated and secured for landing, taxi, and engine shutdown. The crew will help you exit the aircraft after shutdown and securing the aircraft.

  • Children still using booster seats in a vehicle are too young to fly.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Youth aged 16 or older can fly alone.
  • Children under the age of 18 need written approval from a parent or guardian. If neither will be in attendance with the child, please call/email to get the waiver ahead of time. 734-252-6571
    or airadventures@yankeeairmuseum.org
  • Our aircraft were not designed for standard passenger operations; however, we have successfully flown people of limited mobility.
  • Passengers MUST be able to get in and out of the aircraft on their own volition, or with some MINIMAL amount of assistance to ensure their safety.
  • Passengers should also be able to follow basic verbal instructions without assistance.
  • Anyone with health concerns or pregnancy should always consult their physician before flying.

All sales are final for Air Adventure flights. 
Failure to show for any flight will forfeit the value of the ticket. Flights may be canceled due to, but not limited to maintenance, weather, and/or other circumstances. All canceled flights, resulting from any reason, will be re-scheduled at a later date and/or time.

Flying Safely with Yankee Air Museum

At every step of your travel journey, you can be sure that we’ve raised the standard by putting measures in place to help keep you safe and give you more peace of mind.

Air Adventure Requirements

Face coverings

A face covering is required while flying on Yankee Air Museum aircraft, except for anyone with a condition that prevents them from wearing one. You are also required to wear a face-covering in the hangar if you are unable to maintain a 6ft difference between you and other people.

If you are not wearing a mask, you will be asked to reschedule your Air Adventure.

Be sure your face covering is on before you board the plane and wear it during your flight.

Keep in mind, a face covering can be a mask or any secured cloth like a scarf or bandana that covers your nose and mouth. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for more information.

 Check-in & Briefing

Explore the ways we’re providing a safer flight experience starting at check-in.


All customers and Museum Team Members must wear a mask or face covering.


Hand sanitizer dispensers have been added near high-traffic and high-touch locations throughout the Hangar, Museum and check-in areas when the aircraft are traveling.


Check-in counters are being wiped down and cleaned frequently throughout the day.

Ways Yankee Air Museum is Supporting Healthy Flying

We have taken proactive and voluntary steps to help customers have a safe and healthy flying experience.

1. Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning

Aircraft –Before and after each flight, crews wipe down high touched and trafficked areas of the aircraft to prevent the spread of harmful germs.

2. Giving customers a hand (sanitizer, and more)

Simple personal hygiene including frequent hand washing and not touching your eyes, nose or mouth is essential to minimizing the spread of coronavirus and other viruses. While we know many customers are following this guidance, here are some other ways we are arming customers with ways to stay clean:

Hand sanitizers – We are putting hand sanitizer dispensers through out the Hangar and the Museum– something employees and customers alike can take advantage of before boarding the aircraft. When the aircraft travel, dispensers will be found on/near the check-in table.

Washrooms are also available at the Museum and Hangar where guests and team members are encouraged to frequently wash their hands.

3. Seat assignments

We have decreased the amount of passengers per aircraft and are restricting access to some seats, when possible, to give you more space.

Once in the air, guests can still walk about the aircraft while still encouraging social distancing.

4. Breathing easy in flight

Aircraft in Yankee Air Museum’s fleet feature windows/doors that can be opened to assist with air circulation within the aircraft that pulls fresh air in from the outside to replace cabin air.

historic plane rides
historic plane rides

B-17 Yankee Lady

Riding in this magnificent flying machine is a bucket-list worthy affair! Soar through the sky and discover why it’s called the Flying Fortress.

  • $475 per person/ $375 Museum Members

  • 30 Min. Experience

  • Max 8 Passengers for Social Distancing

The time of departure is always at the aircrew’s discretion.

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Choose a date and place for ticket option.
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DateLocationBook Now
JULY 12Ypsilanti, MI
JULY 18Muskegon, MI
JULY 22Ypsilanti, MI
JULY 26Ypsilanti, MI
AUGUST 1Ypsilanti, MI
AUGUST 8Port Clinton, OH
AUGUST 12Ypsilanti, MI
AUGUST 15Ypsilanti, MI
SEPTEMBER 16Ypsilanti, MI
SEPTEMBER 27Ypsilanti, MI
OCTOBER 16-18Fort Worth, TX
historic plane ridesWhere History Takes Flighthistoric plane rides

C-47 Hairless Joe

Pick a seat in the standard military aircraft that operated from every continent in the world during World War II.


  • $195 per person/ $175 Museum Members

  • 30 Min. Experience

  • Max 12 Passengers for Social Distancing

The time of departure is always at the aircrew’s discretion.

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Choose a date and place for ticket option.
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DateLocationBook Now
JULY 11Ypsilanti, MI
AUGUST 5Ypsilanti, MI
AUGUST 8Ypsilanti, MI
AUGUST 14-15Kalamazoo, MI
SEPTEMBER 6Ypsilanti, MI
NOVEMBER 7Ypsilanti, MI
historic plane rides


Introducing the newest member to our Historic Flying Aircraft Collection, UH-1 Iroquois known by its nickname, the Huey.
  • $99 per person/ $89 Museum Members

  • 10 Min. Experience

  • Max 6 Passengers for Social Distancing

The time of departure is always at the aircrew’s discretion.

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Choose a date and place for ticket option.
See Available times by selecting “BOOK NOW!”.

DateLocationBook Now
AUGUST 2Ypsilanti, MI
AUGUST 5Ypsilanti, MI
AUGUST 12Ypsilanti, MI
AUGUST 15Belleville, MI
SEPTEMBER 6Ypsilanti, MI
OCTOBER 7Ypsilanti, MI
NOVEMBER 7Ypsilanti, MI
historic plane rides

B-25 Yankee Warrior

Strap in and take a ride in the most widely-produced American twin-engine combat aircraft of World War II.

  • $395 per person/ $345 Museum Members

  • 30 Min. Experience

  • Max 7 Passengers

The time of departure is always at the aircrew’s discretion.

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The B-25 Yankee Warrior Will Not Be Flying Passengers For The 2020 Season.

historic plane rides

Ford 4-AT-B Tri-Motor

The airplane that started the modern-day airline industry and a staple example of the magnificent aircraft of the Golden Age of Aviation, the Yankee Air Museum is proud to announce the newest member of the Air Adventure fleet: the Ford 4-AT-B Tri-Motor!
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historic plane rides



Give the gift of adventure with a gift card that can be applied to historic plane rides on one of our beautifully restored World War Two Bombers, or feel the past while flying in the C-47 Hairless Joe, or feel the thrill of flying in our Huey, or travel back to the golden age of flight in the Ford Tri-Motor. Give the gift they will celebrate year-round!

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*A majority of the ride cost is a tax-deductible donation to the Yankee Air Museum which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Contact your tax consultant for further information.


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