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Yankee Air Force, Inc.
47884 D St.
Belleville, MI 48111-1126 – map it

P.O. Box 590
Belleville, MI 48112-0590

Telephone Number: 734-483-4030
Fax Number: 734-483-5076

Thunder Over Michigan
To purchase Thunder Over Michigan airshow tickets or premium seating, please click here
To answer any questions about attending the airshow, please click here

Flyable Historic Aircraft Experience

Aircraft Rides
To schedule a ride on either the B-17, B-25, C-47, and/or Waco Biplane, contact:
Megan Favio #232

Corporate or Group Flights
To schedule a ride on either the B-17, B-25, or C-47, contact:
Megan Favio #232

Aircraft Appearances
To book an aircraft for an airshow or special event, contact:
Norm Ellickson ext. #223

Museum Contacts

Executive Director
Kevin Walsh

Gale Robinett ext. #255

Curatorial Director / Aircraft Acquisition
Julie Osborne ext. #237

IT Systems Administrator
Tim Nickell

Ashley Myers ext. #222

Oral History
Julie Osborne ext. #237

Outreach Services Director
Dave Callanan ext. #233

Gift Shop
Sarah Lewkowicz ext. #231

Associate Development Director
Elisa Guyton ext. #227

Adults Group Tours
Group Tours Coordinator ext. #232

School Group Tours
Unity in Learning 734-995-5439

Senior Accountant
Les Klima ext. #245

Thunder Over Michigan
Kevin Walsh

Tom Carroll