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Mobility Restrictions


There is a handicap lot for parking, you must have a hang tag or a handicap license plate. For directions and lot information, please see Parking.


There are a select number of golf cart shuttles that will take you from the parking lot to the security gate entrances, however, there is no designated pick-up area and they are first-come-first-serve. 

Inside the show and across the ramp, there is a continuous looping shuttle bus that takes guests to the viewing area. 

Both golf cart shuttles and the shuttle bus cannot accommodate wheelchairs.


Coolers are not allowed once you reach the gate unless required for medical reasons. Air show will only permit the entry of small coolers carrying life-saving medicines or formula bottles for infants.

For a full list of restrictions, please see Restrictions


The terrain is a mix of concrete and grass/gravel. The static displays will be on the concrete, while clubs, concessions, and viewing area is all on grass/gravel. Please, plan accordingly. 

We do not provide wheelchairs or any other items to assist with mobility. You are responsible to bring your own mobility equipment.