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The Yankee Air Museum invites you to join the movement on October 14th, 2017 to reclaim the Guinness World Record for most Rosie the Riveters. Together we will bring the World Record back to the Arsenal of Democracy, and show our support for renovation of Rosie’s WWII-era factory, the Willow Run Bomber Plant.

Event Information:


Saturday, October 14th, 2017


Doors open 9:00 am; arrive by 11:00 am to be counted.




Eastern Michigan University’s Convocation Center ( 799 North Hewitt Road, Ypsilanti,


Free parking is available at the Convocation Center but carpooling is highly


All ages are welcome. Must be wearing the costume to count as a participant.




Phone number:


Assembling the Costume

The costume consists of four items:

  1. DARK blue work clothes (jumpsuit or pants with shirt tucked in and sleeves rolled up, DARK blue jeans are allowed)
  2. Red socks
  3. Dark “work” shoes (no sneakers, flip flops, sandals, or high heels)
  4. A red bandana with white polkadots (not paisley)

Where to purchase costumes:

Rosie Image

Bandannas can be purchased in person at the Yankee Air Museum gift shop, or you can buy the fabric at Joann Fabrics. The pattern is called “Lipstick.” Dark blue jumpsuits can be found online at as well as in person through Carhartt, at Salvation Army, and at Tractor Supply Company. Dark blue work shirts and pants can generally be found at Meijer and Walmart in the Men’s section. Red socks can be found at any sporting goods store that sells soccer equipment. Shoes should be close-toed dark work shoes or boots. No flip flops, high heels, or sneakers. Little ones of all ages are welcome! Baby Rosie the Riveter costumes are available by searching online. Make sure the pants are full length and remember to buy red socks.

Five Easy Steps To A Successful World Record

Step 1:

Pre-register to expedite your check-in process. Online registration only takes a moment
and will help make your experience fun and easy on The Big Day!

Step 2:

Take a moment to read about the history of the famous Willow Run Bomber Plant, home of Rosie the Riveter and inspiration for the Guinness World Record. It will make your experience doubly rewarding to understand and be able to savor why this is such a special place in local, national, and global history!

Step 3:

Assemble the costume, using the instructions above!

Step 4:

Plan your trip. We need ALL Rosies to help break this Record! We encourage visitors from out of town to stay with our hotels of choice for discounted rates. Many restaurants will also have special promotional meals, drinks, and other festive bargains running during World Record Weekend. Here are some of our top recommendations for your consideration.

Step 5:

Break World Record, have fun, and save Rosie’s Factory!

Rosie World Record Poster

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Facebook: YankeeAirMuseum/WorldRecord
Phone number: 734-483-4030
Want to Volunteer? Email