WACO Biplane Excursion Flights

Flights take place from May to October
The schedule will be released in late April

The Yankee Air Museum’s 1992 WACO Biplane shouts greetings from the air. You know every time you’ve ever seen a biplane you’ve wondered, “what’s it like…?” Now, you can find your wings, trying something new by enabling your innate desire to fly. The WACO Biplane provides an amazing arousal of your senses and emotions. By sitting in an open cockpit, you discover what it’s like to get personal with the wind. You’ll fly low, and see the expanse of nature coming to you. And like many before you, the romance of a more pure flight will awaken the inner pilot that discovers you.Now is the time to grab life by the propeller changing your altitude (and attitude) about flying. The Yankee Air Museum, based at historic Willow Run Airport is offering air tours on the WACO Biplane. Your pilot will fly under visual flight rules and be sensitive to conditions affording you a comfortable ride. You will ascend to approximately 1200 feet and cruise at about 85 miles an hour exploring some of the most scenic areas. After boarding, taxiing and takeoff, your WACO Biplane ride will span 15 minutes.

Your adventure awaits! Strap on your leather helmet and headset, sit back and enjoy the memory being made. Ever think about what it would be like to fly in an open cockpit aircraft from the barnstorming era? Well now’s your chance! The Yankee Air Museum offers a limited number of rides each season out of Willow Run Airport and a few select other airports in our WACO Biplane.

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