B-25 Flight Experience

Flights take place from May to October
The schedule will be released in late April

From the Mediterranean Island of Corsica in World War II to here and now! This storied B-25D Mitchell Bomber has seen combat, escaped all harm and now you can fly in it. The living history flight experience program of the Yankee Air Museum exists to bring your imagination to life and dreams to reality.You can satisfy the anticipation of approaching this muscular aircraft, saluting its crew, boarding and buckling in. You can arouse all of your senses as the twin Wright Cyclone radial engines roar to life. With only a fraction of its awesome power this efficient medium bomber, designed for close air support, strafing and pinpoint bombing begins to taxi. Completing a pre-flight checklist and run-up of the engines to maximum power, the pilots release the beast consuming you with sound and accelerating g-forces.

This hot rod of a bomber leaps into the air and within moments you’ve reached your cruising altitude. Now it’s time to see the terrain you left behind. It’s time to steady your camera and look for targets of opportunity you’ll shoot. Yes, you can bring history to life.

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B-25 Yankee Warrior