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Our 2016 Flight Schedule will be posted in early January. As usual, we will be visiting locations throughout the Midwest and Northeastern United States beginning in mid-May through early October. Space is limited and will be provided to those who purchase their flights first. Purchase your flight gift certificate now for use at any of our flying locations in 2016.

B-25-thumbOur B-25 Mitchell, nicknamed the “Yankee Warrior”, is an American twin-engine medium bomber manufactured by North American Aviation. It was used by many Allied air forces, in every theater of World War II, as well as many other air forces after the war ended, and was utilized in service across four decades.

The B-25 was named in honor of General Billy Mitchell, a pioneer of U.S. military aviation. By the end of its production, nearly 10,000 B-25s in numerous models had been built. These included a few limited variations, such as the United States Navy’s and Marine Corps’ PBJ-1 patrol bomber and the United States Army Air Forces’ F-10 photo reconnaissance aircraft.

As of August 2015, around 40 airframes remain flyable in the entire World today! Our award winning B-25 “Yankee Warrior” is a fine example of this type of aircraft. Take a step back in history as you learn more about this magnificent aircraft or better yet, book your ride now to personally experience a treasured piece of history!

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