WWII Battle

The WWII Battle brings to life the sights sounds and smells of ground and air warfare. Using realistic historical re-enactors and restored vintage aircraft, tanks, half-tracks and other equipment, this incredible reenactment brings history to life!

Watch in awe as U.S. and German troops square off in battle before your eyes featuring authentic armor and reenactors in historically accurate dress.

Be sure to stop by the Reenactor Encampment and Military Vehicle Display Area adjacent to the Yankee Air Museum at D Street and 3rd Street. This area is OPEN to the public. Please stop by and check out the displays and military vehicles, but please ask before you touch. The reenactors and vehicle owners love talking to the public! See how soldiers of the Allies and Axis lived in the field. Witness chow time and camp life as you walk through time. If you ask, you will even be able to handle some of the very equipment and weapons that these soldiers used to fight the war.

* Photos Courtesy of Parr Yonemoto